What is a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI)? Why would I want to hire a GRI?

A Graduate of the Realtor Institute has taken at least 90 hours of additional training beyond the basic courses required to become licensed as a Realtor, and has met experience and production requirements as well. This designation indicates a Realtor who has gained in-depth knowledge on technical subjects, legal and regulatory issues, financing, valuation, land use laws, taxation and professional standards as well as the fundamentals of real estate and the sales process.

Because of their understanding of new technology, laws, and procedures, GRI designees are better able to serve and protect their increasingly sophisticated clients.

Of course, it costs no more to hire a Realtor who has earned this designation, and may even save you money in a purchase or enable you to obtain more money in a sale. Using a Realtor with this level of experience and knowledge may reduce the stress that can occur with a Realtor who does not have this training, knowledge and experience in how best to handle the complexities of your transaction.

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