Tucson Home Inspection Guidance

Once you have an accepted offer, your property purchase is still contingent on the property inspection. The Buyer selects the home inspection company and is usually present (with their agent) at the inspection; the seller is not present.  Areas to be inspected include

  • Overall condition of the home and its major operating systems
  • The roof, to be sure there have not been leaks and mold damage
  • Possible termite damage, which is not uncommon in Tucson homes
  • Pool inspection, if applicable
  • Septic inspection, if applicable
  • Mold and Radon inspections are requested by some buyers

We will recommend a home inspector with whom we have experience and feel is thorough and can be relied upon. If necessary, we will also recommend specialized inspectors for the roof and termite situation. The buyer usually has ten days to get the inspection completed and to present the inspection report to the Seller along with demands for repairs. This is a critical part of the sales process where our experience will be invaluable for a Buyer: we can help you to see what is significant and for which you should request repairs, and what is insignificant and can be easily repaired after the closing of the transaction. An inspection report is many pages long and we will help you to understand the items mentioned and their relative importance. Then we go back to the Sellers with our Buyer’s Inspection Report requests. Once this is presented, the Seller normally has 5 days to respond. If not carefully handled, a sale can easily fall apart in this stage of the transaction.  You can rely on us to get you through this with all of our attention and expertise.