Tucson Home Financing Guidance

We can direct you to excellent sources for financing your new Tucson home, based on our experience with the Tucson home financing network. We receive no benefits for providing this information, we simply want to guide our clients to competent people who can get the job done and the transaction closed on time. We highly recommend that you use a Tucson lender, or if a national lender must be used, try to use one with an actual office in the Tucson area. This will ensure that you are working with a lender who understands the Tucson real estate market and will greatly increase the likelihood of an on-time closing without unnecessary complexities and delays.


In today’s world, with the changes in financing laws after the excesses of a few years ago and the granting of loans to so many unqualified buyers, a potential buyer of a Tucson home must be pre-qualified for a loan sufficient to purchase a property, or have proof of available funds if you are a cash buyer, before an offer can realistically be made. If you will need to be prequalified, you should have the following information ready to present to a loan officer:

  • Verification of employment for you and your co-borrower, if you plan to have one
  • Information about your debts and assets
  • Most recent pay stubs for 1 month
  • W-2s from the previous 2 years
  • Signed copies of the last 2 years’ tax returns along with all schedules that were filed
  • Homeowner’s insurance company name and number
  • Most recent bank statements for 2 months
  • Most recent statements from any retirement and investment accounts for two months