Tucson’s Best Pricing Guidance

There is an art to pricing a home for sale. We begin with a computerized program to provide us with information about your home and others in your neighborhood that are on the market or recently sold. The program will present a number that is the supposed best price for listing your home, but Team Al and Sandy does not just present what the computer tells us. We go beyond that to examine how your home differs from the other homes that have recently sold in the neighborhood. We look at your home relative to the features of these other homes:

  • Location in the subdivision
  • Square feet of each property and lot
  • Age of each property
  • Size of each lot
  • Number of bedrooms and baths
  • Improvements and renovations
  • Presence of a pool
  • Fireplaces
  • Condition of the property

We customize the CMA to fit your home and its unique situation. If we do not feel that there is sufficient recent (within the past six months is preferable) information available for this analysis, we will sometimes recommend that you obtain a professional appraisal to clarify valuation. Of course you are always the boss as to what you will list and ultimately sell your home for, but we strive to provide the best advice possible, based on our many years of successfully guiding other sellers in these matters.