Our Pro-Active Marketing Plan

EXPERTISE IN PRICING: Correct pricing of a home is an art as well as the most important element of getting your home sold. While you are ultimately the boss, we will help you to make an informed decision in order to price your home strategically so that you’re competitive with the current market. We will help you to understand the importance of having the “right price” when you first put your home on the market, to obtain a quick sale and avoid your home having a “rap sheet” of having been listed five times with five different Realtors…that is NOT the way we prefer to sell homes.

STAGING: We will make suggestions regarding the staging of your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers. We have prepared some guidelines that we will share with you that have been very helpful to other Sellers, and can recommend tried and true helpers when the de-cluttering process is overwhelming. Sandy can give an unbiased third-party view to help de-clutter rooms and closets, freshen your home and give it terrific curb appeal. In some cases we have staging items that can be used, at no charge, while in other situations we may suggest professionally staging a few rooms of a vacant home.

SIGNAGE: We will arrange for placement of “for sale” signage, including high-quality full-color property fliers easily accessible to drive-by prospects. Our direct number is on that sign, so that we immediately receive all inquiries and can respond in a timely fashion. We use Premier Property signage for luxury listings. If you agree, we can also attach a rider advertising an Open House at the property for the following weekend.

PHOTOGRAPHY: First impressions are everything, and most potential buyers will first see your home on the Internet. We use very fine photographers to obtain the most elegant and distinguished photos of your home. We want your home to look like the bride on her wedding day on the Internet, and have repeatedly found that our excellent photos (which we pay for) are very effective in getting buyers, sometimes buyers who so fall in love with a home that they want to make an offer contingent only on their getting to Tucson to see the home. We will advise you on how to prepare your home for a photo session and will help you in this endeavor as much as needed. We also do drone videos when warranted.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: There is an art to telling a story about a home that will draw in the casual shopper, and Sandy‘s descriptions do exactly that. Most property write-ups are rather dry and rely on clichés. Sandy strives for originality and creativity to capture the feeling of both the home and the area, including pertinent history and unique features. Copies of her descriptions are available or just go to TeamAlandSandy.com and view our current Featured Homes to see examples.

INTERNET MARKETING: We will optimize your home’s Internet exposure on multiple highly trafficked real estate websites. Beyond the MLS, your home will be featured on Long Realty’s site (the most visited real estate site in Southern AZ), Zillow (we are Premier Agents and our listings are shown more frequently than others), Trulia, YouTube (virtual tour), Realtor.com, Yahoo Real Estate, Front Door.com, OpenHouse.com and others that we have access to through internet services with which we contract above and beyond “the usual”. We also do targeted marketing to “snowbirds” by demographics, and targeted marketing based on demographics locally. Your home will be featured on the Team Al & Sandy website, and on our Facebook pages when it is listed and whenever it is held open. In some cases we advertise our listings on Craig’s List and we do receive inquiries and showing requests from those ads.

LUXURY LISTINGS: These are promoted with specialized additional exposure. A Long Luxury Listing is included in the Luxury Portfolio International website that is accessed by luxury buyers from all over the world. Ask us for further details of this program. Special signage is used to designate this as a Premier Property.

INTRA-OFFICE PROMOTION: We will promote your home with an immediate posting of this listing on Long Realty’s Private Facebook Page that is seen by all Long agents, giving them a “head’s up” before it is “live” in the MLS. It will also be publicized by announcement to all attending Realtors at our Weekly Office Sales Meeting. We will also get your home onto a Broker Tour from our office and other Long offices whose agents might have clients for your home, as soon as possible.

PREVIEW FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS: They can be a valuable asset in the sale of your home. We will send “just listed” information to your neighbors, encouraging them to tell family and friends about your home and to call us if they know of others who might be interested in your home. In some cases we will knock on their doors to personally invite them to come to an upcoming Open House at your home, to best get them aware and involved. We have, in fact, sold homes through neighbors who had family or friends who wanted to be in the neighborhood.

PROFESSIONAL FLYERS: Visual tangible sales material is very important in the marketing of your home. We will develop a professional high-quality full-color paper flyer of your home that interested parties can take from the flyer box we will place on the For Sale sign.

GLOSSY HEAVY-STOCK COLOR BROCHURES: We do these for our upper-end listings and they are a valuable marketing tool. These four-page brochures are provided by most agents only on Million-Dollar+ properties, but we utilize them for our listings over about $350,000. This is important on-site take-home advertising that potential buyers will have at home or back in their agent’s office, after a busy and tiring day of home-shopping, to remind them of the fabulous home they saw that now stands out in their memory because they can see it so clearly and easily in the brochure.

PROPERTY PROFILE BOOK: We will prepare your Property Profile Book to be left at your property during the listing period. We will include lots of information about your home and the neighborhood that many other agents do not bother to present, for example both public and private/charter school options available in your area.

OTHER REALTORS: We will target our marketing to active real estate agents who specialize in selling homes in your neighborhood.

OPEN HOUSES: If you are willing to allow us, we will create an open house schedule to promote your property to prospective buyers and market those open houses via the MLS and Long Realty mobile apps, and on Zillow, Trulia, our Team Al & Sandy Facebook page etc. as well as in the Long Realty newspaper insert that is published on the weekends in the local newspapers. We will also develop interest in your neighborhood by personally letting neighbors know that your home will be open and that they are invited to view it and have some refreshments. On the day of your Open House, we will put out as many signs advertising your Open House as allowed by law, which varies in different local cities. This does pay off: We have just recently sold two very lovely homes to people who came by on the Open House; one was renting nearby and saw our signs and dropped by, and by that evening an offer emerged.

KEEPING IN TOUCH: We will provide you with weekly updates detailing our marketing efforts, including comments from prospective buyers and agents who have visited your home. We will share with you the web traffic that your listing has attracted on the various sites. You will receive a “Happy Friday” email from us weekly until the sale of your home closes.

FINANCING: We will implement our knowledge and experience with creative financing to maximize the number of potential buyers. All of the Team Al and Sandy’s buyers are pre-approved. We can also assist you in arranging interim or bridge financing if needed. We are well-connected with various local and national financing sources and we call on these resources frequently to get our buyers qualified to purchase your home.

NEGOTIATIONS: We will negotiate all terms and conditions of offers when presented and advise you on how best to proceed for the best deal possible. This is where our many years of experience truly benefit you, our Seller. We have successfully negotiated over a Billion Dollars of real estate transactions; the “art of the deal” is second nature with us.. We will handle all processing when a contract is accepted, set up and be present for the Inspection of the property, and assist you in negotiating the Buyer’s Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response (BINSR). This is often a crucial and difficult negotiation that we are quite experienced in handling. The BINSR negotiation is a point at which a less-experienced agent can easily lose a deal.

CLOSING: We will handle all mortgage correspondence and keep the lender on track and on time, and co-ordinate title and other closing procedures. Our Closing Checklist is three pages long, and we get it all done for you in an efficient and timely manner to “get you to the close on time”.
And we will follow up to be sure your funds are delivered in a timely manner… WE WILL DELIVER YOUR FUNDS AT CLOSING (Isn’t that the bottom line of all of this marketing and negotiation effort?)

AL: 520.488.6088 SANDY: 520.488.8318