Negotiation Expertise

Getting an offer on your home does not mean that the home is sold. This is where you will want the expertise of Al and Sandy in negotiating the price at which you will sell and the terms on which you will sell. With over a Billion Dollars of successful real estate negotiations, their expertise will be invaluable in guiding your decisions. Should you accept the offer? Make a counteroffer? For what price? How important is the washer and dryer in the overall picture? Without someone who understands the delicacies of these negotiations, the deal may not come together. And if you do reach an agreement to enter into a contract, there is still the Buyer’s Inspection Report to be negotiated; many transactions fall apart here with inexperienced agents who overreach or do not understand what is reasonable in these situations. Once past the inspection negotiations, the financing and closing must also be negotiated carefully. Each transaction is unique in its problems and issues to be negotiated, and while you make the ultimate decisions, our guidance will be very helpful in working through these issues to get to a successful closing.