High Level Professional Photography And Descriptions


In today’s Internet-focused world, the online photos of your home are perhaps the single most important factor in attracting potential buyers to your home. Over 90% of buyers begin their search for a home online, looking at photos of many homes to see which ones grab their attention. High quality photos, taken by an experienced photographer who specializes in photographing homes for listings, are essential in the battle for “eyes” on the Internet. We always try to make our listings shine online, and the first and most important element is the quality of the photos. We have actually sold a home to an out-of-state buyer based only upon the photos and property description (subject to inspection, of course) because the online information told such a compelling and attractive story.

It’s easy to snap some pictures on a cell phone and upload these to the MLS, but these are PICTURES, not PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS. We ALWAYS use a highly experienced professional photographer who will:

  • Use a professional level digital SLR Camera with wide-angle lenses.
  • Provide and utilize specialized lighting, especially for sunset/dusk shoots.
  • Be available for sunset shoots, which we use for appropriate properties because these photos capture the glorious colors of our lovely mountains at sunset and make the home seem to glow. These shoots are more expensive, but we want our listings to stand out on a buyer’s viewing screen, so we see this as a worthy investment.
  • Prepare the photos for web and media use.
  • For some situations, we use a photographer who can create a video capturing both the area around a home and its interior, accompanied by a fabulous and perfectly-timed soundtrack of music.


Too many property descriptions follow a formula and have nothing that entices a potential buyer or makes them curious about the property. Many descriptions are unimaginative, ungrammatical or misspelled, and, sad to say, boring. Sandy writes our descriptions using her broad command of the English language and her creative writing skills to create unique and compelling descriptions that draw readers to want to see these homes. We can provide you with many examples of Sandy’s descriptions, just ask!