Sandy Kantor

Sandy Kantor


Specialties and certifications

Seniors Real Estate Specialist; Attorney (CA & TX); special expertise in probate & real estate issues

Most REALTORS® say they chose the profession. For me it was the other way around: real estate chose me. As a young attorney, I was often assigned to handle my firm’s real estate business. That grew into giving advice on the syndication of real estate investments and eventually joining a real estate investment partnership. Finally, I earned a real estate sales license, first in Idaho and now in Arizona, specializing in residential real estate.

This wasn’t my life plan, but real estate has been a great fit for me. My legal background helps me deal with complex transactions. I treasure clear communication and connecting one-on-one with my clients. And I have a way with words: The property descriptions I write attract buyers and help properties sell. I love guiding people through their transaction, especially when I can help educate and empower women who have never handled a real estate transaction on their own.

After obtaining a Marketing Undergrad degree with Honors and J.D. (Law Review, top 2% of class), and practicing law in San Francisco, I was also able to found the National Philanthropic Fund in conjunction with some family estate planning I was doing.

Working with seniors is another interest for me, and not only because, by now, I am one. I founded the first Senior Legal Assistance Center, in San Francisco, long before geriatric law was on the horizon. I was also involved in an early online and mobile start-up called “Wills R Us” intended to provide estate planning services to homebound seniors.

Positively impacting lives is always in the back of my mind. A client is not just someone I’m helping to buy or sell a property, but a person who has welcomed me into their life at a very important moment. I’ve given much-appreciated tips on decorating changes to help boost a home’s appeal. I’ve been privileged to listen to—and help with—family crises. I’ve even given career advice.

Like most attorneys, “laid-back” is not part of my identity. My friends say I’m kind, thoughtful and energetic, but also determined, tenacious and persistent. Just right for a REALTOR®! And partnering with Al LaPeter, as my business and life partner, has been a perfect fit, with his lifetime of experience in the real estate arena. We have been blessed with the reward of great success for our efforts and are proudly listed in the top 1% of all Tucson and Arizona Realtors, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with many more wonderful clients.

For experienced and knowledgeable support in attaining your real estate goals, call Sandy Kantor today at (520) 488-8318.