What Newcomers Need to Know in Tucson

Welcome to sunny Tucson! We are excited that you are here and have compiled some information to help you in your move. We hope this leaves you with more time to explore the fun parts of Tucson after you get the basics covered! Please let us know if we can be of more help to you as you get settled in your new home.

If you still need help or have questions, please contact us at (520) 488-6088.


Driver’s Licenses and Auto Registration:

Arizona law requires new residents obtain an Arizona driver’s license within 10 calendar days. If you have a valid driver’s license from another state, no written or driving exam will be required. You will just have to pass a simple eye exam. You can begin your application online at Arizona Motor Vehicles. You will be provided with a temporary license until the permanent one arrives in the mail within 10 business days.

In addition, you will need to register your car with Arizona if you are relocating from out of state. Make sure you contact the DMV in your previous state as many will provide a partial refund of the registration fees you have already paid there. For details of what is required to register your vehicle, including an Arizona emissions test, visit DMV.org. While this is not an official government website, it does provide the clearest explanation of what you will need in order to register your vehicle. Click here to visit the official website for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Locations for obtaining your AZ driver’s license and Arizona Automobile Registration are:

Tucson East
1360 S Stocker Dr.
Tucson 85710

Tucson North
7330 N Shannon Rd.
Tucson 85741

Tucson Regional
3565 S Broadmont Dr.
Tucson 85713

For details regarding hours of operation, wait times and identification requirements go to http://www.azdot.gov/mvd. 

Voter Registration:

To register to vote in Arizona, you must be a citizen of the United States, be a resident of Arizona and the county listed on your registration and be 18 years of age or older on or before the day of the next regular General Election.

Once you have an Arizona Driver’s License and/or an Arizona non-operating I.D. card issued by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), you may register to vote through Service Arizona EZ Voter Registration. Just log on, select your language preference, and then click on “Begin Voter Registration.” You will need to verify your voter eligibility, enter your information in the required fields and verify your address. Finally, you will need to select your party preference. If you are having trouble logging in to the Service Arizona website, you can print off a Voter Registration Form and fill it out with your new information before mailing it to your county recorder’s office.

Once you have registered to vote, you will receive a voter registration card in the mail within 4-6 weeks. For more information on voting or voter registration, please visit the Arizona Secretary of State’s website by clicking here Arizona Secretary of State.

Postal Address Change:

The United States Postal Service has made it a snap to change your mailing address online by simply clicking on this link, USPS Change of Address Form. This will allow you to change your mailing address online. You may also visit your local United States Post Office. To locate the post office nearest you, visit https://tools.usps.com/go/POLocatorAction!input.action.

Social Security Address Change:

When you relocate, you will want to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your change in address. This is especially true if you are retiring and are ready to begin collecting or if you are already receiving benefits. You can set up an online account with the SSA or access your account online to change your physical address by clicking here Social Security Agency.

Tucson Utilities:

You will want to arrange in advance for the utilities to be turned on in your new Tucson home. At least a week in advance of your scheduled closing date, call the appropriate services to request that the service be transferred to you and the utilities be turned on as of your closing date. We can ask the sellers which services they have used so in the event there is a choice of providers, you can ask how satisfied they were with their service providers.

You can call the following providers to begin service or simply click on the following links for more information.

Electric Companies

Tucson Electric Power – Tucson Electric Power (TEP) serves most of the Tucson area with the exception of the Northwest and some outlying areas, which are handled by Trico Electric. We can ask the sellers if you are not sure which one to call.

To reach Tucson Electric Power, call (520) 623-7711 locally or toll-free at 1 (800) 328-8853.

Trico Electric Cooperative – This will be your provider if the Tucson home you are purchasing is in Marana or some other outlying areas of Tucson. We will confirm with the seller which electric provider to call if it is not clear.

To reach TRICO, call (520) 744-2944.

*Note that you will want to have electric service turned on before Southwest Gas is coming to turn on the gas service.

Gas Company

Southwest Gas – Southwest Gas is the provider for all of the Greater Tucson area. If the gas service has been turned off, someone must be present when the service is turned back on.

To reach Southwest Gas, call 1 (877) 860-6020.

Water Companies

Depending on where your new home is located, you will need to have your water service turned on. If you are unsure of which water company services the area for your new home, we can contact the seller to find out which water company to contact.

Tucson Water Department – To reach the Tucson Water Department, call (520) 791-3242.

Tucson Metro Water District – To reach the Tucson Metro Water District, which services parts of the Northwest, Northeast and Southwest Greater Tucson area, call (520) 575-8100.

Oro Valley Water and Sewer District – To reach the Oro Valley Water and Sewer District, call (520) 229-5000.

Waste Disposal and Recycling Companies

Waste Management – Waste Management is one of several waste disposal and recycling companies in the area. If your new home is located within a Homeowners Association (HOA), it may contract with only one or two specific providers. Check with your new HOA to determine if this is the case.

You can use this link to go to the Waste Management website page for new service and just check off what sort of service you need.

Telephone Companies

There are several local telephone providers through companies in town. Your local cable company may offer a discount on home telephone service if you bundle services such as cable, phone, home security and internet. You can check with local cable providers to see what services and discounts they offer.


To reach AT&T, call 1 (800) 288-2020.

Cable Companies

There are several local cable television providers in town. Your local cable company may offer a discount if you bundle services such as cable, phone, home security and internet. You can check with each of the local cable providers to see what services and discounts they offer. You can call the telephone numbers before or simply click on the embedded links.

Comcast – To reach Comcast, call 1 (800) 934-6489. Ask us about the Long Advantage discount you can get with Comcast.

Cox Cable – To reach Cox Cable, call 1 (855) 627-1562.

Century Link – To reach Century Link, call 1 (866) 706-8592.[/fusion_text]