Homal-sandyblogebuyers in today’s marketplace need to know that they may be under surveillance by homeowners
via private security systems or “nanny cams”. The homeowners may be recording the visit by a Realtor
and her client or may be watching live; either is legal. Homeowners may be watching to be sure nothing
is stolen, or to learn what the potential buyer is saying about the home. While this may seem like an
invasion of privacy, and we at Team Al & Sandy do not encourage our Sellers to do this, it’s happening
nonetheless. This means that potential buyers and their Realtors may want to be circumspect about
comments made in the home that may be providing important negotiating information to the Seller. If
you just LOVE this home and know that it’s the perfect home for you, curb your enthusiasm while in the
home or you may be giving away an important negotiating strategy that your agent may wish to utilize
when an offer is made. Likewise for your negative comments: Don’t share them in the home or, if you
decide nonetheless to make an offer despite the pea-green bathroom tiles, this Seller may not wish to
deal with you because of your disparaging comments. Motto for today’s homebuyers: ZIP IT!!!